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Tooway™ is high-speed Internet everywhere!
Tooway™ is Internet access service via satellite. The service uses new generation two-way  "multibeam" technology via KA-SAT satellite. KA-SAT is the first European satellite designed exclusively for Internet access via satellite in Ka-band frequency band. Tooway™ does not need a phone line to work, and is available in every part of the country.

KA-SAT satellite provides greater reliability and information transfer speed from its predecessors* and provides quick Internet access to any part of Croatian territory, including areas that were not previously covered by terrestrial infrastructure. It is important to emphasize that at the same time Tooway™ is cost-competitive to ADSL Internet services.
Tooway™ is a customized solution for broadband Internet access. All you need to safely access the Internet is a satellite dish and a modem connected to the computer.

The use of Ka-band spectrum in conjunction with "multibeam" technology enables the overall satellite capacity to be multiplied more than 30 times compared to traditional satellites. Each beam has a diameter of 250 km: for example, only four rays are sufficient to fully cover the entire Croatian territory. Ka-band is much more concentrated than the Ku-band and allows much higher data transfer within a narrower range of transmission. This allows an increase in the number of connections (or subscription) which ultimately greatly reduces costs for the end user and makes the service available to the average user.

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* Ka-band transmit at a higher frequency band than Ku-band, which has been used to broadcast satellite television signal system. Transfer of satellite TV channels takes place via Ku-band satellites that cover large geographic areas. KA-SAT is optimized for interactive systems with narrow beam signals that allow the reuse of frequencies, and thus more efficient use of the frequency spectrum and higher bandwidth.